Aaron Tucker

Author, "Soldiers, Hunters, Not Cowboys"

Adria Kain

Juno nominated singer-songwriter

Adriana Chartrand

Author, "An Ordinary Violence"

Akil Kumarasamy

Author, "Meet Us by the Roaring Sea"

Alana Wilcox

2023 Ivy Award recipient

Alannah Fricker

Illustrator, "Abolition Is Love"

Alberto Manguel

Argentinian-Canadian writer, translator, editor and critic

Alexis Schaitkin

Author, "Elsewhere"

Alissa York

Internationally acclaimed author and teacher at Humber School for Writers

Amanda West Lewis

Author, "Focus. Click. Wind"

Andrea Curtis

Author, "Loop de Loop"

Andrew F. Sullivan

Author, "The Marigold"

Andrey Kurkov

Author, "Diary of an Invasion"

Anjuman Rosy

Anna Porter 

Award-winning author of 10 books

Anne Enright

Author, award winning

Anuja Varghese

Author, Canadian, debut

Arif Anwar

Author, Canadian, debut

Astra Taylor

Author, filmmaker, writer, and political organizer

Babak Lakghomi

Author, Iranian

Bachtyar Ali

Author, "The Last Pomegranate Tree"

Bei Lynn

Author, illustrator, Taiwanese

Ben Clanton

Author, illustrator, kids books

Bill Buford

Author, "Dirt"

Billy-Ray Belcourt

Blaise Ndala


Bob Joseph

Author, "21 Things You May Not Know About The Indian Act"

Bonnie Stern

Author of 12 bestselling cookbooks

Britta Badour

Brittany Luby

Author, Indigenous

Brooke Lockyer

Bryan Doerries

Writer, director, translator, Artistic Director of Theater of War Productions

Camille Hernández-Ramdwar

Author, scholar and independent consultant

Carey Sookocheff

Carlos Fonseca

Author, "Austral"

Casey Plett

Catherine Fogarty

Writer, producer and voice of the true-crime podcast Story Hunter

Catherine Hernandez

Author, "The Story of Us"

Ceporah Mearns

Author, "It's Time for Berries!"

Chantal Braganza

Award-winning writer and deputy editor at Chatelaine

Chantel Guertin

Author, "Two for the Road"

Charlie Foran

Author, "Just Once, No More"

Charlotte Gray

Author, "Passionate Mothers, Powerful Sons"

Chris Bergeron

Author, "Valid"

Christina Wong

Christine Estima

Author, "The Syrian Ladies Benevolent Society"

Clara Dupuis-Morency

Author, "Sadie X"

Claudia Dávila

Illustrator, "ThunderBoom"

Corinna Chong

Author, "The Whole Animal"

Craig Shreve

Craig Stephenson

Author, Licensed Psychoanalyst and certified Jungian analyst

Cristina Quintero

Author, "The Only Way to Make Bread"

Dan Adamson

David Bergen

Author of numerous acclaimed novels and short-story collections

David Bezmozgis

Author and Creative Director of the Humber School for Writers

Dayna B. Griffiths

Illustrator, "The Woman and her Bear Cub"

Deonna Marie Cattledge

Vocalist, storyteller, actress and intuitive vocal coach

Desiree Mckenzie  

Dilip Chakraborty

Don Gillmor

Author, "Breaking and Entering"

Donna Bailey Nurse

Canadian literary critic, curator and writer

Elizabeth Hay

Scotiabank Giller Prize-winning author

Elizabeth Ruth

Author, "Semi-Detached"

Emma Donoghue

Author, "Learned by Heart"

Erin Noteboom

Author, "a knife so sharp its edge cannot be seen"

Esmond Fountain


Eva Crocker

Author, "Back in the Land of the Living"

Evelyn Chick

Farah Heron

Author, "Jana Goes Wild"

Geoffrey D. Morrison

Author, "Falling Hour"

Hana Shafi

Author, "People You Know, Places You've Been"

Hayah Imam and Dilki Jagoda

Héctor Abad

Author, "The Farm"

Ian Ferguson

Author, "I Only Read Murder"

Irene Luxbacher

Author and illustrator

J. Edward Chamberlin

Author, "Storylines: How Words Shape Our World"

Jack Briglio

Author, "ThunderBoom"

Jackleen Salam

Award-winning poet

Jake Byrne

Jake Hirsch-Allen

Jamaluddin Aram

Author, filmmaker, producer

James Turk

Director of the Centre for Free Expression at Toronto Metropolitan University

Janika Oza

Author, "A History of Burning"

Jasmine Sealy

Author, "The Island of Forgetting"

Jason Guriel

Author, "The Full-Moon Whaling Chronicles"

Javier Moscoso

Author, "The Arc of Feeling: A History of the Swing"

Jaypeetee Arnakak

Jean E. Pendziwol

Author, "Skating Wild on an Inland Sea"

Jennilee Austria-Bonifacio

Jeremy Fisher

Co-creator, songwriter and star of the CBC's Jeremy and Jazzy

Jesse Eisenberg


Jessica Cunsolo

Author, "Best Vacation Ever"

Jo Treggiari

Award-winning, best-selling author of books for young adults

João Reis

Author, "The Devastation of Silence"

Joel A. Sutherland

Author, "House of Ash and Bone"

John Cleland


John Lorinc

Toronto journalist, editor and author

Joseph Kai

Graphic novelist

K. Gandhar Chakravarty


Kai Thomas

Author, "In the Upper Country"

Kamel Riahi

Novelist, journalist, broadcaster and human rights activist

Karmele Jaio

Author, "My Father’s House"

Karon Liu

Staff food reporter for the Toronto Star

Kate Cayley


Kate Siklosi

Poet, Scholar, Publisher

Kathy Friedman

Author, "All the Shining People"

Katy Dockrill

Illustrator, "City of Neighbours"

Kelli Dunham

Nonbinary ex-nun nurse trauma-informed comedian

Kevin Chen

Author, "Ghost Town"

Kevin Chong

Author, "The Double Life of Benson Yu"

Kevin Sylvester

Award-winning writer and illustrator

Kwame Alexander

poet and #1 New York Times bestselling author

Kyo Maclear

Essayist, novelist, editor and children's author

Laboni Islam


Laura Legzdins

Part of The Manomin Project

Laura Trethewey

Author, "The Deepest Map"

Leila Aboulela

Author, "River Spirit"

Lindsay Zier-Vogel

author, and creator of the Love Lettering Project

Loridee De Villa

Author, "How to Be the Best Third Wheel"

M.G. Vassanji

Author, "Everything There Is"

Maev Beaty


Makoto Yukimura

Manga artist, Vinland Saga

Margaret Atwood

Author of 50+ books, poetry, critical essays and graphic novels

Margaret DeRosia

Maria Scrivan

Award-winning cartoonist, illustrator and author

Marie Hélène Poitras

Author, "Sing, Nightingale"

Marina Endicott

Author, "The Observer"

Mary Fairhurst Breen

Masha Gessen

Author, "Surviving Autocracy"

Matthew Dawkins

Award-winning author and poet

May Telmissany

Author, "Everyone Says I Love You"

Mazen Maarouf

Writer, poet, translator and journalist

Melanie Florence

Author, "Benjamin's Thunderstorm"

Michael Melgaard

Author, "Not That Kind of Place"

Michael Nicoll Yahgulanaas

Visual artist, storyteller and public speaker

Michael Winkler

Author, "Grimmish"

Michel Jean

Author, "Kukum"

Michelle Giroux


Michelle Good

Author, "Truth Telling"

Miki Sato

Illustrator, "How to Decorate a Christmas Tree"

Miquel de Palol

Author, "The Garden of Seven Twilights"

Moez Surani

Author, "The Legend of Baraffo"

Mohamed Khelifi

Author, "Escape"

Monia Mazigh

Author, "My personal journey with a Scar(f)"

Myisha Cherry

Author, "Failures of Forgiveness"

Nadia Casandra

Actor, singer/songwriter and creative

Nadia L. Hohn

Author, "Malaika, Carnival Queen"

Nahlah Ayed

Host of CBC Radio’s Ideas

Natalie MacLean

Author, "Wine Witch on Fire"

Natasha Adiyana Morris

Nick Cutter

Author, "The Handyman Method"

Nicki Pau Preto

Author, Canadian

Nicola Hamilton

Nicole Nwosu

Author, "Hitting the Crossbar"

Omer Aziz

Author, Canadian, politics

Ophira Eisenberg

Standup comedian, writer and podcast host

Ozoz Sokoh

Food explorer, educator, budding curator, Traveler By Plate

Paola Ferrante

Author, "Her Body Among Animals"

Paris Marx

Author, "Road to Nowhere"

Patricia Scarlett

Patrick de Belen

Storyteller, arts educator, spoken word poet, writer and filmmaker

Patrick deWitt

Author, Canadian

Patrick Errington

Author, "the swailing"

Priya Guns

Author, Canadian

Quazi Helal

Poet, "Shrabonir Chokhe Stholpadma"

Rachel Cantor

Author, "Half-life of a Stolen Sister"

Rebecca Rosenblum

Author, "These Days Are Numbered"

Richard Ford

Author, "Be Mine"

Richard Rose

Distinguished theatre director

Rob Goodman

Author, "Not Here"

Robyn Harding

Author, Canadian

Roksana Lais

Author, "Letter to Sky"

Romi Moondi

Author, "24 Hours in Italy"

Ruth Ohi

S.G. MacLean

Author, "The Bookseller of Inverness"

Sadé Smith

Sarah Gonzales

author, illustrator

Sarah Polley


Spoken word poet, arts educator, event organizer

Sean Dixon

Sean Michaels



Sharon Hampson & Randi Hampson

Author, musician, singer, kids

Shekhor Gomes

Poet, "Monkolpo"

Shelly Grace

Toronto-based spoken word poet

Sheuli Jahan

Shingai Manjengwa

Head of AI Education at ChainML

Shyam Selvadurai

Siddhartha Deb

Author, "The Light at the End of the World"

Sophie Jai

Author, "Wildfires"

Subrata Kumar Das

Author, critic, essayist, editor and translator

Sudhir Saha


Susan Swan

Co-founder of the Carol Shields Prize for Fiction

Syrus Marcus Ware

Author, scholar, visual artist, activist, curator and educator

Tara MacLean

Singer, Musician, Poet

Taras Grescoe


Tee Duke

Director of Indigenous Initiatives, UTM

Terry Fallis

Author, Canadian, Award winner

Thomas Wharton


Tom Froh

Tom McCamus


Tomas Hachard


Uzma Jalaluddin

Author, "Much Ado About Nada"

V. V. Ganeshananthan

Author, "Brotherless Night"

Vickery Bowles

Victoria Hetherington

Author, "Autonomy"

Vikki VanSickle

Kids author

Vincent Lam

Author, "On the Ravine"

Viola Di Grado

Author, "Blue Hunger"

Vivek Shraya

Author, "How to Fail as a Popstar"

Walid El Khachab

Author, translator, professor

Wendy Million

Author, "Miss Matched"

William Ping

Author, "Hollow Bamboo"

Yolanda T. Marshall

Author, "Hot Cross Buns"

Zalika Reid-Benta

Author, "River Mumma"

Zhang Ling

Author, “Where Waters Meet”

Zoe Maslow

Senior Editor at Appetite, Penguin Random House Canada

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