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Canadian poet and small press publisher bpNichol once said, “Supporting small press is supporting literature on the cutting edge. Small press is the guardian of literary culture and free speech.” At its heart, small press is about experimentation and community-building. It began as a cost-effective means of circulating innovative, fringe literatures, and in many ways, this scrappy, humble tradition has been preserved while also inviting new approaches to the craft, from the basement-produced zine to the carefully handcrafted, formally-interested art object.

This map, while not exhaustive of the small presses currently in existence in Canada, gives a taste of the ephemera and wonder on offer across the country. Happy reading!

—Kate Siklosi, Co-Founding Editor, Gap Riot Press

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above/ground pressOntario
Anchorage PressNew Brunswick
Anstruther PressOntario
Anvil PressBritish Columbia
Apt. 9 PressOntario
Arc Poetry MagazineOntario
At Bay PressManitoba
BAD BOOKS Press (an extension of BAD NUDES Magazine)Quebec
Baraka Books and QC Fiction, an imprint of Baraka BooksQuebec
Baseline PressOntario
battleaxe pressOntario
Beautiful OutlawOntario
Beliveau BooksOntario
Bell PressBritish Columbia
Between the LinesOntario
bird, buried pressOntario
Black Dog PressSaskatchewan
Blank Cheque PressBritish Columbia
Block PartyOntario
Book*hug PressOntario
Boulder BooksNewfoundland and Labrador
Brain LagOntario
Breakwater BooksNewfoundland and Labrador
Brick BooksOntario
broke pressBritish Columbia
Caitlin Press & Dagger EditionsBritish Columbia
Canadian Small Change AssociationOntario
Chalkboard PublishingOntario
Coach House BooksOntario
Collusion BooksNova Scotia
Crossfield PublishingOntario
Curvd H&zOntario
DC Books / Railfare DC BooksQuebec
​DOCUMENTS in Expanded PoeticsQuebec
Dumagrad BooksOntario
EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy PublishingAlberta
Entourage MediaOntario
Fernwood PublishingNova Scotia
Fish Gotta Swim EditionsBritish Columbia
Floodlight EditionsOntario
Freehand BooksAlberta
Gap Riot PressOntario
Gaspereau PressNova Scotia
Goose Lane EditionsNew Brunswick
Gordon Hill PressOntario
Great Plains PublicationsManitoba
Grey Borders BooksOntario
Guernica EditionsOntario
Hecate PressYukon
Horsebroke PressOntario
House House PressQuebec
Ice Floe PressOntario
Invisible PublishingOntario
Island Studies PressPrince Edward Island
Island Studies Press at UPEIPrince Edward Island
J. Gordon Shillingford Publishing Inc.Manitoba
Kegedonce PressOntario
knife | fork | bookOntario
Life to Paper PublishingOntario
Linda Leith PublishingQuebec
Mawenzi House PublishersOntario
Metatron PressQuebec
Milagro PressBritish Columbia
Model PressOntario
Mother Tongue PublishingBritish Columbia
Mythos & Ink Ltd.Manitoba
Nevermore Press, Ltd. / Trap Door BooksNova Scotia
NeWest PressAlberta
No pressAlberta
nOIR:Z visual poetryOntario
Noun Trivet PressQuebec
Now Or Never PublishingBritish Columbia
null pointer pressManitoba
Old Growth PressOntario
Open Heart ForgeryNova Scotia
Orbis Tertius PressAlberta
pagefiftyoneBritish Columbia
Parentheses JournalOntario
Pedlar PressNewfoundland and Labrador
phafours pressQuebec
Pinhole PoetryOntario
Playwrights Canada PressOntario
Poetry inPrintOntario
post ghost pressOntario
Proper Tales PressOntario
Psycho Potato PressOntario
Radiant PressSaskatchewan
Radical Bookshop and PressAlberta
Rahila’s Ghost PressBritish Columbia
Raven Chapbooks, an imprint of Rainbow PublishersBritish Columbia
Room 3o2 BooksOntario
Sad Girl ReviewBritish Columbia
Saffron Press Publishing House Inc. (Saffron Press)Ontario
Screamin’ Skull PressManitoba
Screamin’ Skull PressManitoba
serif of nottinghamOntario
shreeking violet pressOntario
Signature EditionsManitoba
Simulacrum PressOntario
Spacecraft PressAlberta
Stelliform PressOntario
Stonehewer BooksBritish Columbia
Teama PublishingOntario
TesserActual ArteFactoryOntario
The Blasted Tree Publishing Co.Alberta
The Hardscrabble PressNew Brunswick
The Porcupine’s QuillOntario
The Soap Box PressOntario
Thistledown PressSaskatchewan
TouchWood EditionsBritish Columbia
Undertow PublicationsOntario
Vallum Magazine / Vallum Chapbook SeriesQuebec
Véhicule PressQuebec
Vocamus PressOntario
West of CanonOntario
Whispering Wick Chapbook PressOntario
Wolsak and Wynn PublishersOntario
ZED PressOntario
Kate Siklosi - headshot

Kate Siklosi, Small Press Map Curator

Kate Siklosi lives, writes and thinks in Toronto. Her criticism has been featured in various journals and magazines including Canadian Literature, JAST, The Walrus, and The Puritan. She has published five chapbooks of poetry, and her work has also been featured in various magazines and small press publications across North America, Europe and the UK. She is the co-founding editor of Gap Riot Press, a feminist experimental poetry small press.

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