Monia Mazigh

Monia Mazigh

Monia Mazigh is an academic, award-winning Canadian author and human rights activist. She writes in French and English and authored so far, a memoir, three novels celebrated by the critique and an essay. Her latest novel, Farida won the Ottawa Book Award for French fiction. Monia Mazigh is an Adjunct and research Professor at Carleton University at the Department of English and Literature. Her new memoir, My personal journey with a Scar(f), an essay/memoir about gendered islamophobia, has been published in June 2023. Monia is a literary columnist with ONFr+. She published several articles with the Ottawa Citizen, the Globe and Mail and the Toronto Star and other newspapers.

Monia Mazigh is published by Mawenzi House

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Gendered Islamophobia: My Journey With a Scar(f) by Monia Mazigh, 2023

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