Shelly Grace

Shelly Grace

Shelly Grace is a Toronto-based spoken word poet, photographer and arts educator. She uses her art for community building and healing and focuses on the experiences of women and the Black community. In 2022 she was named Toronto’s Breakthrough Artist by Toronto Arts Foundation, and JAYU’s Emerging Artist of the Year.

In 2019 she won the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word while on the Up From The Roots slam team, becoming a National Spoken Word Champion. She is currently on the Toronto Poetry Slam team. She is also actively involved with VIBE Arts on their emerging artist roster, where she works as an art educator and performer. She is an artist and organizer with IBLV Tv, founded by celebrated Toronto artist Jermaine Henry. She has competed internationally as well, representing Canada in three American competitions.

Shelly is focused on the power of storytelling and has been working to have visual art be a part of her method. Shelly continues to be unapologetically Black, loud, giving, and a force.

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