Javier Moscoso

Javier Moscoso

Javier Moscoso is Professor of History at the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC). In 2011 he published Pain: A Cultural History in both English and Spanish. The French edition received the French booksellers’ Libr’à nous prize for the best history book of 2015. It is now being translated into Arabic. He has been Visiting Scholar at the Sorbonne, at the University of Harvard, and Visting Professor at the University of Chicago or the Max Planck in Berlin, among many other institutions. His latest book, The Arc of Feeling: A History of the Swing, explores rituals and mythologies of the swing throughout history.

Javier Moscoso is published by Reaktion Books

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Arc of Feeling: The History of the Swing by Javier Moscoso, 2023

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