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Catherine Graham 


Catherine Graham’s most recent book, Aether: An Out-of-Body Lyric, was a finalist for the 2021 Toronto Book Awards and The Celery Forest was named a CBC Best Book of the Year and was a finalist for the Fred Cogswell Award. Her Red Hair Rises with the Wings of Insects was a finalist for the Raymond Souster Award and CAA Poetry Award. She teaches creative writing at the University of Toronto where she won an Excellence in Teaching Award and is a previous winner of TIFA’s Poetry NOW. Author of the award-winning novel Quarry, her second novel, The Most Cunning Heart, appears this spring and her seventh poetry book will appear in 2023. She co-hosts The Hummingbird Podcast: Conversation & Inspiration. Visit her online at catherinegraham.com and @catgrahampoet.

Catherine Graham Headshot
Quarry by Catherine Graham


Aether by Catherine Graham Book Cover
Æther: An Out-of-Body Lyric


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