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Chris MacDonald is a tattoo artist and the owner of Under My Thumb Tattoos, a respected tattoo studio in Toronto, Ontario. He is a songwriter and a guitarist with LeBarons. Chris lives with his wife and daughter by the lake. The Things I Came Here With is his first book.

Robert Priest, is the author of fourteen books of poetry, 3 plays, 4 novels, lots of musical CDS, and one hit song. His words have been debated in the legislature, posted in the Transit system, quoted in the Farmer’s Almanac, and sung on Sesame Street. His book Reading the Bible Backwards (ECW) peaked at number two on the Canadian poetry charts, its sales exceeded only by those of Leonard Cohen. A new album of songs and spoken word pieces, Love is Hard, is available on Spotify and YouTube. A new book of poems, If I Didn’t Love the River, is due out in 2022 with ECW press. He is also the author of the Young Adult fantasy trilogy Spell Crossed (Dundurn Press).

Daniel Drache is professor emeritus of political science and senior research fellow at the Robarts Centre for Canadian Studies at York University in Toronto. He is the author of over twenty books on social policy and international affairs. He lives in Toronto.

Dr. Dave Williams is an astronaut, aquanaut, pilot, emergency physician, scientist and CEO. He has flown to space twice, once on the space shuttle Columbia and once on Endeavour, logging over thirteen million kilometres in space and over seventeen hours of spacewalks. He holds the Canadian spacewalking record and was the first Canadian to have lived and worked on the world’s only undersea research habitat. He has written eight books and is the recipient of six honorary degrees, the Order of Canada, and the Order of Ontario. After his first spaceflight he was chosen to be the Director of the Space & Life Sciences Directorate at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas while concurrently serving as the Deputy Associate Administrator of the Office of Spaceflight at NASA Headquarters. Since retiring, he is currently the CEO of Leap Biosystems.

Jamal Saeed spent 12 years as a prisoner of conscience in Syria before being invited to Canada in 2016. He continues to raise awareness about Syria’s ongoing civil war and humanitarian crisis through his work as an activist, editor, visual artist, and author. He lives in Kingston, ON.

Michael Barclay is the author of the 2018 national bestseller The Never-Ending Present: The Story of Gord Downie and the Tragically Hip. He is also a co-author of Have Not Been the Same: The CanRock Renaissance 1985–95, to which this book could be considered a sequel. He lives in Toronto, Ontario.

Brian “Chip” Martin is a retired award-winning journalist who developed an intimate knowledge of Southwestern Ontario. He has written true crime books, biographies and several books about baseball history, some of which focus on the contributions made to the game by Canada and Canadians. An avid historian, he is a member of the London and the Detroit historical societies. This is his tenth book and his first dealing with the Civil War, how it impacted Canada and Canadians and the role Canada played in that bloody conflict. Born in Toronto, he has lived in London, Ontario for more than 50 years.

Born in Montreal, Neil Besner grew up in Rio de Janeiro, has taught and travelled widely in Brazil, and is fluent in Portuguese. He taught Canadian literature at the University of Winnipeg for thirty years. He has written and edited books on Mavis Gallant, Alice Munro and Carol Shields, as well as numerous articles. His award-winning translation into English of a Brazilian biography of Elizabeth Bishop was a major source for the 2013 feature film Reaching for the Moon. An avid fisherman and an amateur musician, he spends 4 months each summer on Lake of the Woods in Northwestern Ontario.

Terri Favro is a novelist, essayist and storyteller who loves comic strips, superheroes, robots, migration stories and weird science. Her books include Sputnik’s Children (a Globe100 book, long-listed for CBC Canada Reads) and the popular science book Generation Robot: A Century of Science Fiction, Fact and Speculation. Publisher’s Weekly called her new novel The Sisters Sputnik “fast-moving and entertaining.” Terri is also an award-winning copywriter who has worked on campaigns for technologies that changed the world. Originally from Niagara wine country, Terri lives on Toronto’s east Danforth where she collaborates on graphic novels with her visual artist husband. Terri blogs at terrifavro.ca

Born in Gaspésie, Eric Thibault has covered police and organized crime in Quebec since 1993. He has written for the Journal de Montréal since 2011. Félix Séguin has covered multiple major national and international news stories since the early 2000s. He specializes in police investigations and organized crime. Inside the Montreal Mafia is the third collaboration between Eric Thibault and Félix Séguin, following Gallant: Confessions d’un tueur à gages and Le livre noir des Hells Angels. Séguin and Thibault are both members of the Québecor investigative bureau.