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Robert Priest

Publisher: ECW Press

Robert Priest, is the author of fourteen books of poetry, 3 plays, 4 novels, lots of musical CDS, and one hit song. His words have been debated in the legislature, posted in the Transit system, quoted in the Farmer’s Almanac, and sung on Sesame Street. His book Reading the Bible Backwards (ECW) peaked at number two on the Canadian poetry charts, its sales exceeded only by those of Leonard Cohen. A new album of songs and spoken word pieces, Love is Hard, is available on Spotify and YouTube. A new book of poems, If I Didn’t Love the River, is due out in 2022 with ECW press. He is also the author of the Young Adult fantasy trilogy Spell Crossed (Dundurn Press).

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If I Didn't Love the River by Robert Priest book cover
If I Didn't Love the River


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