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Brian Bradley is a writer, journalist and biographer, and works at the Toronto Star. He researched the lives of Craig Russell and Lori Russell Eadie for over a decade, and in doing so, has deep knowledge of gay culture and related history in Canada. Brian lives in Hamilton, Ontario. 

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Michelle Parise is an award-winning journalist, writer and performer. She has worked for the CBC for more than two decades, in everything from children’s television to music programming and documentary making, as well as at the helm of many national radio programs. She’s also a soccer player, parent and champion campfire builder. The daughter of Italian immigrants, she was born and raised in Toronto where she still lives today.

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Hayley Gene Penner grew up sharing the stage with her father, renowned children’s entertainer, Fred Penner. She writes with some of the biggest artists and producers in the music industry. Her debut album, and her memoir’s namesake, People You Follow, were both released in 2020. She splits her time between Winnipeg and Los Angeles.

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Farzana Doctor is the author of Stealing Nasreen, All Inclusive and Six Metres of Pavement, which won a Lambda Literary Award and was short-listed for the Toronto Book Award. She lives in Toronto.

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