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Katixa Agirre made her debut in Basque literature with the short story collection Sua falta zaigu (Elkar, 2007), followed by Habitat (Elkar, 2009). After numerous works of children’s and young adult literature, she published her first novel in 2015, Atertu arte Itxaron (Elkar, 2015), a road novel which won the 111 Akademia Prize, and was translated into four other languages. Thanks to the Augustin Zubikarai prize, she published her most recent novel, Amek ez dute/Mothers don’t in 2018, translated into eight languages, including English. This novel is currently being adapted to the screen.

Katixa Agirre’s Festival appearance is generously supported by Etxepare Basque Institute. 

Katixa Agirre's headshot