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Danele Sarriugarte Mochales (Elgoibar, 1989) is a freelance reader, translator and writer. She has translated, amongst others, Angela Davis, Eva Illouz and Henry David Thoreau. She translates from English, Spanish and French into Basque. She has published two novels: Erraiak (Elkar, 2014), translated into Spanish as Entrañas (Reikiavik Ediciones, 2019) by Miren Iriarte; and Azala erre (2018), as well as some short stories. She is a frequent contributor in several print media (Berria, Argia and Pikara Magazine), has coordinated literature workshops in various municipalities and has been editor for the Hitzen Uberan website, an initiative of EIE (Association of Writers in Basque) for 7 years. She lives in Donostia.

Danele Sarriugarte Mochales’ Festival appearance is generously supported by Etxepare Basque Institute.

Miren Amuriza Plaza (Berriz, 1990) studied Basque Philology and later specialised in Children’s and Young People’s Literature. She has been a contributor in various print media and has published several children’s books. Basa is her first novel (Igartza Prize 2017, Siete Calles Prize 2019). She combines writing with bertsolaritza.

Miren Amuriza Plaza’s Festival appearance is generously supported by Etxepare Basque Institute.

Uxue Alberdi Estibaritz (Elgoibar, 1984). She is a writer and bertsolari. She is the author of two books of short stories (Aulki bat Elurretan, Elkar, 2007; Euli-giro, Susa, 2013), two novels (Aulki-jokoa, Elkar, 2009; Jenisjoplin, Susa, 2017 –111 Akademia Prize–), one essay (Kontrako eztarritik, Susa, 2019) and one literary chronicle (Dendaostekoak, Susa 2020). She has won the Euskadi Literature Prize twice, in the Essay section for the work Kontrako eztarritik and in the Children’s and Young People’s section for the illustrated album Besarkada (Elkar, 2015). Her narrative works have been published in Spanish by the Consonni publishing house (Jenisjoplin and La trastienda) and Reikiavik Ediciones published the essay Reverso: testimonios de mujeres bertsolaris. She translated an anthology of poems by Alfonsina Storni for the Munduko Poesia Kaierak collection. She has published several works of children’s literature.

Uxue Alberdi’s Festival appearance in generously supported by Etxepare Basque Institute.

Katixa Agirre made her debut in Basque literature with the short story collection Sua falta zaigu (Elkar, 2007), followed by Habitat (Elkar, 2009). After numerous works of children’s and young adult literature, she published her first novel in 2015, Atertu arte Itxaron (Elkar, 2015), a road novel which won the 111 Akademia Prize, and was translated into four other languages. Thanks to the Augustin Zubikarai prize, she published her most recent novel, Amek ez dute/Mothers don’t in 2018, translated into eight languages, including English. This novel is currently being adapted to the screen.

Katixa Agirre’s Festival appearance is generously supported by Etxepare Basque Institute.