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The Immigrant Perspective: Jamal Saeed & Saeed Teebi

October 02 at 4:30pm

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It’s never easy starting over in a new country: from learning another language to navigating different cultural norms, making a new place feel like home can be challenging. Both Jamal Saeed’s My Road from Damascus: A Memoir and Saeed Teebi’s Her First Palestinian explore these challenges, providing an important look at the life of immigrants and finding hope in dark times. Saeed’s memoir recounts his brutal years in Syria’s most notorious military prisons, chronicling the dramatic changes modern Syria has gone through and finally his escape to Canada. Teebi’s short story collection offers compelling reflections on the Palestinian diaspora with grace and deep insight. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear the authors in conversation about their personal experiences and how their journeys impacted their writing.

Moderated by Mounir Nasri.

Ticket Info:
Date & Time: October 2 at 4:30pm ET
Where: Studio Theatre in Harbourfront Centre
Duration: 60 minutes
Ticket prices: $17 – Regular; $12 – Youth; or Get a TIFA Pass
*This event will be followed by a book signing

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The Immigrant Perspective: Jamal Saeed & Saeed Teebi

October 02 at 4:30pm


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