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Nomenclature: Dionne Brand

October 01 at 1:30pm

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Audience favourite Dionne Brand, award-winning Canadian author and Toronto’s 3rd Poet Laureate, presents her latest book, Nomenclature: New and Collected Poems. Comprised of intense new work and eight prior volumes – originally published between 1982 and 2010 – the collection captures the intimacies and disillusionments of wars and revolutions so profoundly that you’ll learn to witness the world a whole new way. Brand will take you on a journey through her imagination through temporal worlds of past, present and future. Join her, and discover first-hand why Brand is one of Canada’s most significant artists today.

Ticket Info:
Date & Time: October 1 at 1:30pm ET
Where: Fleck Dance Theatre
Duration: 60 minutes
Ticket prices: $17 – Regular; $12 – Youth; or Get a TIFA Pass
*This event will be followed by a book signing

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Dionne Brand's Nomenclature book cover



Nomenclature: Dionne Brand

October 01 at 1:30pm


Dionne Brand headshot

Photo credit: Clea Christakos-Gee.

Dionne Brand

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