What We Talk About When We Talk About Dumplings

by John Lorinc, Karon Liu and Chantal Braganza

Coach House Books

What We Talk About When We Talk About Dumplings

by John Lorinc, Karon Liu and Chantal Braganza

Coach House Books

Nearly every culture has a variation on the dumpling: histories, treatises, family legends, and recipes about the world’s favourite lump of carbs

If the world’s cuisines share one common food, it might be the dumpling, a dish that can be found on every continent and in every culinary tradition, from Asia to Central Europe to Latin America. Originally from China, they evolved into ravioli, samosas, momos, gyozas, tamales, pierogies, matzo balls, wontons, empanadas, potato chops, and many more.

In this unique anthology, food writers, journalists, culinary historians, and musicians share histories of their culture’s version of the dumpling, family dumpling lore, interesting encounters with these little delights, and even recipes to unwrap the magic of the world’s favourite dish.

With an introduction by Karon Liu.

Illustrations by Meegan Lim.

Contributors include: Michal Stein, Christina Gonzales, Kristen Arnett, David Buchbinder, André Alexis, Miles Morrisseau, Angela Misri, Perry King, Sylvia Putz, Mekhala Chaubal, Arlene Chan, Chantal Braganza, Naomi Duguid, Eric Geringas, Matthew Murtagh-Wu, Monika Warzecha, Bev Katz Rosenbaum, Tatum Taylor Chaubal, Domenica Marchetti, Julie Van Rosendaal, Amy Rosen, Cheryl Thompson, Jennifer Jordan, Marie Campbell and Navneet Alang

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John Lorinc is a Toronto journalist and editor. He writes about urban affairs, climate and business for a range of publications, including Spacing, the Globe and Mail and the Walrus. He is the author of four books, including Dream States (Coach House Books, 2022) and has co-edited or project- managed five previous Coach House uTOpia anthologies.

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Karon Liu has been a staff food reporter for the Toronto Star since 2015 and aims to link food with culture, history, identity, politics – anything you can imagine. He’s also an avid home cook, and his favourite utensil is a pair of wooden chopsticks his grandma used to use.

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Chantal Braganza is an award-winning writer and deputy editor at Chatelaine. Her book, Guardian Flesh, is forthcoming from Strange Light.

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