Deborah Ellis

Deborah Ellis

Deborah Ellis is the author of the international bestseller The Breadwinner, which has been published in twenty-five languages. She has won the Governor General’s Award, the Middle East Book Award, the Peter Pan Prize, the Jane Addams Children’s Book Award and the Vicky Metcalf Award. A recipient of the Order of Canada, Deborah has donated more than $2 million in royalties to organizations such as Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan, Mental Health Without Borders, the UNHCR and the Children in Crisis fund of IBBY. She lives in Simcoe, Ontario.

Deborah Ellis is published by Groundwood Books

What to read

One More Mountain by Deborah Ellis, 2022
Bifocal by Deborah Ellis, 2007
The Greats by Deborah Ellis, 2020

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