Five Questions with… Colin McAdam

(c) Lisa Myers

(c) Lisa Myers

Colin McAdam, author of A Beautiful Truth, answered our five questions.

IFOA: A Beautiful Truth is told in part from the perspective of chimpanzees. Tell us one thing readers might be surprised to learn about chimps.

McAdam: They have more in common with us genetically and immunologically than two gophers living on different sides of the Colorado River.  We call all gophers gophers, but have a hard time calling ourselves apes.

IFOA: You’ve lived all over the world. Which place do you miss the most?

abeautifultruth_bluhuis2_apprvd.inddMcAdam: I feel a lot of nostalgia for Montreal and England. But part of choosing where I live is knowing that I’m not going to miss the places I have moved from. I’m happy here.

IFOA: What was your favourite book as a child?

McAdam: I was most proud of reading James Clavell’s Tai-Pan when I was eight. Racy.

IFOA: If you weren’t a writer, what would you be doing?

McAdam: Maybe I’d be a builder. I feel like no matter what I would be doing, I would be a writer.

IFOA: Finish this sentence: I often wonder…

McAdam: Why writers have to make so little money.

McAdam will read at Authors at Harbourfront Centre on March 27.

More authors on their way!

Here’s a little background info, friends: the International Festival of Authors is part of Authors at Harbourfront Centre programming, which includes the fabulous weekly reading series that continues February 1! We’ve been busy reading books and inviting incredible authors including Colin McAdam, Taiye Selasi, Ruth Ozeki, Linwood Barclay and many more. Over the coming weeks we’ll roll out our event schedule and share special features with you here on the blog, including interviews with the authors.

First up is a free event with the spoken word artist and entrepreneur Dwayne Morgan on February 1, then we have a night celebrating Toronto with Edward Keenan and Ivor Tossell on February 20 and an evening with the Charles Taylor Prize finalists on February 27. Our events range from readings to onstage interviews, and are followed by an opportunity to meet the authors. Excited? We know we are.

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