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Teama Publishing was founded in September 2019 in Toronto as an anchor for new authors and first time authors who are trying to publish their first book. Through the extensive knowledge and solid connections with publishers overseas, Teama Publishing offers a magical solution to authors converting their ideas into a paperback version of books.With Teama Publishing you can convert your intangible ideas into tangible precious books. Teama Publishing has great connections in the Middle East and hosts several book fairs, in Canada as well as, in the Middle East.

Al Helm Wal Sarab-The Dream and Mirage Trilogy- (Ahlam Wardiya- Ahlam Dababiya – Ahlam Baieda) A personal memoir that tells 8 years of the writer's life when she moved to live and work in Dubai as a desire to fulfill her biggest dream, which is travel.

Literary vision walks the readers through different areas of life. The author enlightens the emotional, spiritual and physical experiences of the gender x.

Twelve collective short stories will take the reader to the other side of life and experiences. The common element among all the stories is the extraordinary phenomena.

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