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serif of nottingham

180 Dufferin St
Hamilton , Ontario
L8S 3N7

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serif of nottingham editions is a small (micro? nano?) press based in Hamilton, Ontario, founded in 1985. The press publishes work in an arbitrary and sporadic way by Canadian and international writers in a number of genres, including fiction, poetry, and visual poetry, mostly chapbooks and art prints. We have not yet published on a dolphin or on the surface of the sun, though plans are underway. This description was created using an AI bot but the press is operated by Gary Barwin. The great thing about serif of nottingham, like many small presses, is that publishing can be surprising, sudden, carefully planned, idiosyncratic and personalized. We’ve published writers including Kevin Spenst, Ally Flemming, Nancy Huth, derek beaulieu, Shane Neilson and of course, nepotistically, Gary Barwin.

The serif of nottingham Team

Gary Barwin | Everythinger

Comic Score

By Gary Barwin

A visual poem/visual score exploring typewriters, comics, music and the visual. Print.


By Gary Barwin

Everything is hybrid. What is a deer? What is a star? How is everything a sign or a connection? A visual poem. Print.


By Gary Barwin

Visual poem. Print.

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