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Renegade literary fiction –
Two writers – 18 titles combined – Street-tough, experimental, lyrical – Novels, short stories, poetry

This isn’t just a book of prose and poetry but a beautiful streetwise and lyrical telling of a life in pursuit of truth, sex, love, youth-lost and experience. With an alternating rhythm of long free-flowing sentences and short, minimalist statements, "Let It Bleed" is an original urban street-hymn.

"Calabritto" is a novel about a mountain village in central Italy taking place in the early seventies and the eccentric characters that weave their stories in and around each other. Written in Tony Nesca’s classic free-flow, stream of consciousness, the prose itself mesmerizes and captivates, drawing the reader into a tragicomedy that unfolds an intricate tapestry of human experience.

"About a Girl" is a short novel that begins with two strangers, a man and a woman, who meet at a bus-stop and go on an impromptu bar-crawl on a cool, winter day. Taking place in twelve hours it recounts the oddball, hardcore, characters they meet and their increasing emotional connection as they fall for each other almost immediately. Infused with sexual energy, pop-culture references, intellectual debate and literary illusions.

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