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Saffron Press is a woman of colour founded, socially conscious, small independent press reimagining stories to inspire little citizens of change. Launched in 2009, Saffron Press has been a collaborative disruptor, pushing through systemic industry barriers to ensure representation of the Sikh identity beyond stereotypes in literature for children. Without equitable access to federal or provincial book funding, Saffron Press titles are now represented Canada-wide by Ampersand Inc. Every book purchase helps break the cycle of poverty and gives access to opportunity for some of the 1.4 million children around the world living with treatable blindness. We print in small batches and all titles are printed on recycled or FSC assured paper reflecting our commitment to ethical practices.

A young Sikh boy explores what it means to be different just like you. Each page turn encourages deeper conversations about identity and belonging, beginning with the question: "Do you know who I am?" Join this little human's quest of self-discovery through the metaphor of a lion's mane.

With a quiet compassion for the natural world, a Sikh father shares the depth of beauty and love for his Little One. Land bound Sundees turn into highflying butterflies, and gentle, but endangered Chiru snuggle into their warm Shahtooshi. As the father lays his Little One to bed, she is filled with a renewed sense of love and respect for the Earth and all living things, including herself.

Nestled in the lower spurs of the Himalayas, is The Garden of Peace. An allegory rooted in the social despair of a time that feels eerily familiar. When five ugly and dried up seeds are found, Elders and little ones wonder if they will grow anything at all. Some throw the seeds aside, while others hold out hope. With a tyrant ruler and unfair social class system, discover how a nation-building event in Sikh history harvested citizens of change. This narrative is a call to action for all

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