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Radical Bookshop and Press is an e-commerce indie publisher and bookseller based in Calgary, AB. We exclusively publish short stories in either single chapbooks or collections. These formats are perfect for writers who don’t have extensive publishing credentials, particularly those who have not yet published a novel. Even established authors may want to try their hand at something new or outside their typical work, and small format books are great for them too.

Our role as a publisher is to advance the artist, and by publishing these manuscripts, instead of novel-length, we can allow the artist to save their debut or series for a more established publisher. We see our role as kick-starters in your literary career.

Anything is possible in these strange new worlds. British author Sam Le Butt takes us on a series of journeys to meet her cast of creatures and dances in the entrails of the notion of ‘woman as monstrous’ — an idea that brands women’s bodies and minds as wild, slippery, and dangerous, .

When Jacob meets Alex in their 19th-century industrialism class, they learn to love each other in the little moments that define their lives. When a devastating accident throws their relationship into turmoil, Jacob seeks to numb his pain and questions if he’ll ever recover.

High Heels for Ken Veals is a coming-of-strength-story about a rowdy tribe of young sisters in a small town. Their life is influenced by an adjoined RCMP barracks, babysitters, goat-soft sweaters, constable crushes, and beefsteak tomatoes. Together, these girls-in-the-making decide who they want to be.

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