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Playwrights Canada Press

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Toronto , Ontario
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Playwrights Canada Press is a publisher of new Canadian plays. They exist to publish Canadian plays as well as, from time to time, theatre history, criticism, and biography. Through this they endeavour to raise the profile of Canadian theatre and theatre practitioners, promote dramatic literature, and contribute to the Canadian theatrical canon. Playwrights Canada Press strives to publish diverse and engaging Canadian plays and dramatic criticism of literary merit.

The Playwrights Canada Press Team

Annie Gibson | Publisher

Blake Sproule | Managing Editor

Jessica Lewis | Sales & Marketing Manager

Avvai Ketheeswaran | Production Assistant

Is My Microphone On?

By Jordan Tannahill

Young people have inherited a burning world. In this urgent and lyrical play, they reckon with the generations who have come before them, questioning the choices that have been made, and the ones that they will yet be forced to make. Is My Microphone On? is a play in the form of a protest song.Women

Forget Me Not

By Ronnie Burkett

In the New Now, written language has been forbidden and forgotten. Those who wish to hold onto love’s language must make a dangerous journey to find the Keeper of the Lost Hand. Internationally renowned playwright and puppeteer Ronnie Burkett has once again created a fascinating and provocative world as a love letter for increasingly uncivilized times.

Women of the Fur Trade

By Frances Koncan

Sometime in the 1800s, three very different women (with twenty-first century affinities) sit in a fort sharing their views on life, love, and the hot nerd Louis Riel. This historical comedy shifts perspectives from the male gaze to women’s power in the past and present through the lens of the Canadian Fur Trade.

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