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Named after an umbrella the philosopher, F. Nietzsche forgot in 1888 and J. Derrida remembered in his book “Eperons (=Spurs)” of 1972, Nietzsche’s Brolly was started in 1985 to give me a chance to publish a series of books that would bring the Symboliste tradition of C.Baudelaire and S. Mallarme’ into English-language poetry through translation, my own narratives and deconstructions with some concrete poetry chock-a-block, book by book.

Volume 4 was,”Marshall’s Frankliecygnoctras” (2007) 276 poems from 7 languages and “E to the eeth = H = eta = 6” was the sixth: 79 VZWL poems in an edition of 81, each with a differently collaged cover-envelope (2021). Under that aegis i have also published two sky-breaking VZWL collections: jwcurry’s “Can’t Afford No Kodak, instamatik, instamatik, vlm.2” (1991) and, more recently, Gustave Morin’s “A few poetry” (2018).

But i was also a magazine and book distributor to bookstores, taking on other presses’ works to sell and needed a simpler, more inclusive name. Hence, “Imago Press” was born in 1992 and under that name i have published a children’s book, a book of plays by Daniel David Moses, four of my own haiku books, three haiku anthologies and a bilingual translation of Ste’phane Mallarme’s sonnets. I have no interest in what other people want to read. I believe i’m based on a radically authentic poetic footing and write what i think and publish it and other works that find support within that context.
This year i published my book of’haiku hollows’ called, “swallow s tail s” that slows down the pace to the incidence of letters and lets the spaces all within sing and am preparing for a 2025 release of a magnificent concrete/VZWL anthology

Radical haiku book emphasizing the space between words as the cadence of an intuition i believe a haiku to be a poem of nature one implied metaphor long.

79 concrete/vzwl poems in an edition of 81 from 2021. No binding. Pages are often 2-sided and their enclosing envelopes each have a differently collaged cover. About half in colour. Like all my books they resist the propensity to consider books as a comodity. So there is protest in the bindless envelope and visually concatenated protest within that envelope. About halffilled with colour. Subtitle is: Seething the VZWL

Kick-ass VZWL poems. Let's hear what Gustave said about it in his "what have we here?" at the back of his book: " -. . . successful construction of these little haunted houses has nevertheless proceeded apace for nearly 3 decades with what might be called almost lethal aplomb, every minute of this journey has been 'transitional, 'occasional', 'ontological' and 'existential' as well ascerebral and visceral . . . call it the ghost-town atlas of my corduroy road lettrisme . . ."

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