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Milagro Press

4246 West 13th Ave.
Vancouver , British Columbia
V6R 2T8

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Small Press based in a Vancouver back alley.
Publishing poetry, short stories, nonfiction and humour.

The Milagro Press Team

Danny Peart – Groundskeeper and President

Wylie Spencer – webmaster and creative force

Alex Hennig – book design

Rob Taylor – Editing

Adam Rogers – illustration and coffee brewing

Ruined by Love

By Danny Peart & Neil Peart

Debut collection of poems by Danny Peart. Introduction by Neil Peart. Illustration by Adam Rogers.

Stark Naked in a Laundromat

By Danny Peart & Neil Peart

Stories and poems from growing up in the small Canadian town.

Not Quite So Handsome

By Danny Peart

Collection of poems by Danny Peart with illustration by Adam Rogers. Editing by Rob Taylor.

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