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Linda Leith Publishing

PO Box 322, Victoria Station
Westmount , Quebec
H3Z 2V8

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Linda Leith Publishing is a Montreal house specializing in literary fiction and non-fiction written in English or translated into English.
Our books in French are published by Linda Leith Éditions.

The Linda Leith Publishing Team

Linda Leith, President and Publisher

Leila Marshy, Associate Publisher

An Opera in 3 Acts Starring Gino Quilico

By Connie Guzzo-McParland

Connie Guzzo-McParland writes her own aria about a real-life Canadian dynasty that takes us through the world of opera––all its high notes, tragedies and artistry intact.


By Fanie Demeule, translated by Anita Anand

A grimy, shocking, and darkly funny dive into our relationships with food, self-image, and intimacy. True to its subject matter, Mukbang is sprinkled with QR codes throughout, each leading to an image, reference or video that enhances and adds context to the narrative.

We, the Others

By Toula Drimonis

A poignant and hard-hitting look at inter-generational struggles, conflicting loyalties, and the heartfelt questions of belonging. Drimonis courageously tackles Canadian and Quebec immigration history and practices, divisive legislation like Bill 21, and various nationalist movements that have influenced policy.

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