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The press was founded in 1985 as the publishing arm of the Institute of Island Studies with the mandate to make scholarly books accessible to a popular audience. In 2000, it was later rebranded as Island Studies Press and expanded to include trade non-fiction and poetry, in addition to academic titles. Island Studies Press publishes books that relate to Island culture, economy, and environment.

We’ll Meet Again shares the incredible stories of women from Prince Edward Island who served in the Second World War, from fire-watching during bombing raids in blacked-out London to surviving the sinking of a transport ship in the Mediterranean.

Caught in a Changing Society: St. Dunstan’s University 1950–1969 chronicles the golden years of expansion at an esteemed Catholic university and what led to the creation of the University of Prince Edward Island.

“Being an islander means that you aren’t like everyone else,” writes Laurie Brinklow in her new book, My island’s the house I sleep in at night. Bounded by water, you can live your life with certainty knowing where your edges are. Drawn from interviews with artists, writers, and musicians from Newfoundland, Tasmania, and Prince Edward Island, these poems capture what it means to be an islander.

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