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EDGE publishes thought-provoking full length novels and anthologies of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror. Featuring works by established authors and emerging new voices, EDGE is pleased to provide quality literary entertainment in both print and pixels.

Estlin Hume’s unique ability to translate for a pair of newly arrived aliens has brought about a first contact crisis. Surrounded by soldiers, scientists, spies, and bureaucrats Estlin must now deal with a giant saltwater tank full of cuttlefish suspended above his house!

Todd Malcolm is a detective’s assistant and brawler who gets by on the streets of 1950s Everland. But when he gets mixed up in an arson case, he’ll have to contend with federal agents, angry tigers, murderous mermaids, and worse. Can he handle this case, or is he a pawn in a dangerous plot?

For half-wolf Kellan Faolanni, life is eternally complicated. When a man is killed nearby seemingly by wolf attack, her superiors in the Sankhain fear this is a message for Kellan. The killer is protected, though, by a member of the faery court. In order to stop him, Kellan risks losing everything.

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