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Teachers and parents trust us across Canada!
Chalkboard Publishing makes your heroic work more accessible by giving online access to high-quality Canadian educational content you can trust. Developed by professionals, our content is produced by teachers, professional educators, and even an award-winning children’s book author! You can trust that our resources aren’t just busy work.
Founded by a Mom and Teacher, Demetra Turnbull.
When our founder and CEO isn’t generating new ideas and products for Chalkboard Publishing, you can find her spending time with her 10-year-old son and helping him with his at-home learning journey.
Chalkboard Publishing is committed to developing and nurturing artistic and literary talents by working closely with writers and illustrators to tell stories that capture different experiences and perspectives.
Working with an award-winning children’s book author, Yolanda T. Marshall, we have 5 picture books and five early reader’s literacy lines dedicated to promoting diversity, representation and inclusivity. One of the Canadian pictures also made CBC’s best picture books list of 2020.

D is for dance! E is for emancipation! From A to Z, this is a rhyming alphabet book that celebrates Canada’s Caribbean Carnival. This engaging and educational book features a diverse cast of children in vibrant costumes as they ‘play mas’ while dancing to Soca and Calypso music.

Hot Cross Buns For Everyone! Jackson’s friends and their families bake assorted hot cross buns for his Easter party. Liam’s foster parents use his most memorable Scottish ingredient, and Dimitri’s dad adds Greek mahlepi spice. Some have rainbow colours for all to see and a sweet Jamaican bun and cheese recipe! One by one, the children arrive with hot cross buns for everyone.

As Anne’s birthday drew close, her friends prepared a soca party. Anne loves the sound of Caribbean soca music played on steel pans and West Africa’s spicy jollof rice. Hence, her friends planned to celebrate her special day with a fusion of sounds and traditional dishes from Caribbean and African countries — a representation of their diverse yet comparable cultures. Anne was in for a real surprise.

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