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broke press

Vernon, BC , British Columbia

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The core belief of broke press is that the purpose of publishing is simply to get art to an audience. broke press fulfills this mandate by producing chapbooks and poetry zines, by both emerging and established Canadian writers.

broke press publications are produced using a mix of modern and traditional bookmaking processes. Digitally designed and printed, broke press chapbooks are then hand-folded, -trimmed, and -bound. Great care is put into the production of each literary creation.

Located in the heart of the Okanagan Valley, in Vernon, British Columbia, broke press is operated solely by Clare Thiessen, who acts as editor, designer, and book maker.

broke press operator, editor, designer, publisher, book maker … and everything else: Clare Thiessen

The Pin-Thief and the Sunflowers

By Sofia Fedorova

burlap & birch

By ethan heckrodt

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