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Kingston, ON

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As one of the few poetry-only publishers in the world and a long-venerated member of Canada’s publishing industry, Brick Books aspires to be a hub and a home for poets and lovers of poetry, to stand for and lavish attention upon unquantifiable things, and to make way for perspectives that have been marginalized—we believe in poetry as a space to speak publicly what cannot be said or heard elsewhere.

Through the curation of high-quality work (poetry with deep craft and something at stake), Brick Books strives to broaden the definitions of poetry can be and do. We stand for reconnecting beautiful words to their political power. We aim to bring moving and relevant books into the world, and to honour poetry as an intangible-but-crucial act of attention.

We endeavour to be a bulwark against a world in which care is not the first priority; this means prioritizing humane treatment of our poets and staff, and everyone we interact with. We value collective decision-making and apply this value in a structural way. We strive to be poet-centred, to do a careful, rigorous, and exemplary job of editing, production, distribution, and promotion.

Publisher: Alayna Munce

Editorial Staff:
John Barton
Sue Chenette
Barry Dempster
Stan Dragland (emeritus)
River Halen Guri (Acquisitions)
Sonnet L’Abbé (Acquisitions)
Don McKay (emeritus)
Cara-Lyn Morgan
Alayna Munce
Sue Sinclair
Andrea Thompson
Nick Thran

CFO/COO: Brenda Leifso

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