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Publisher of science fiction and fantasy novels and short story collections. 20+ authors, over half of whom are from southern Ontario.

In medieval France, privileged teen Vara suffers nothing worse than the occasional vision she cannot explain. When she foresees her own impending murder, however, she learns that it is only the beginning of a dangerous journey that will change her life--and afterlife--forever.

For millions of years, the great mountain Zenidow has loomed untouched over the world of Altum. Now, however, four stout warriors are being drawn to it. The dreamer, the witch, the warrior and the wind--fate will bring them together in a world torn by war, flowing with magic, and threatened by a vile presence from beyond the stars.

Life's about to get a lot harder for university DJ Matt Bishop. Instead of worrying about professors and pop music, now it's extraterrestrial overlords and dangerous resins. Dying from industrial accident is almost as certain as from home-brewed Hyper-Gin.

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