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Bell Press is a small press publisher of literary anthologies. We publish short stories, flash fiction, creative non-fiction, and poetry from across all genres. Bell Press first opened in 2020 and is based in Vancouver, BC.

Grinding beans for a morning cup of coffee, taking your medicine, or reciting a prayer—rituals are the clockwork meditations in our lives. The writers of this anthology explore what it means to participate in this act, which can range from a tuned-out meditation or a deeply thoughtful engagement.

This anthology is about the untold stories we carry on our skin and in our bones: a shoulder blade, a brain, a womb... At some point in our lives, we look in the mirror and suddenly notice our bodies in a sort of visceral way.

The Knot Wound Round Your Finger is an anthology on the theme of memory. Memories lost, memories made. What to discard and what to keep? How do we form them and how do they form us? From speculative and historical fiction to memoir and creative non-fiction, each piece explores these fragments of the past and how they trouble us or offer comfort.

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