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“…all poets are outlaws.”
—Stéphane Mallarmé, The Evolution of Literature (1891)

Established in 2002, Beautiful Outlaw is an independent award-winning design and publishing house.

The importance of the small press has never been more acute. In an age of accelerated corporate consolidation along with continued attacks against independent booksellers, a healthy community of independent presses is key to the ongoing publication & dissemination of new and important works.

Available Fall 2022, The Ash Bell is a book-length work by poet Phil Hall. It is comprised of 30 serial poems that alight on themes of poetry, memory, community, and death. Hall is the author of over 20 books. In 2011 he won the Governor General's Award for poetry for his collection, Killdeer.

Available Fall 2022, Earish is American poet Robert Kelly's meta-translation of poetry by Paul Celan. Born in 1935, Kelly is the author of over 50 books. As Jerome Rothenberg and Pierre Joris state in volume two of the anthology Poems for the Millennium, "Kelly is heir to both Pound & Zukofsky in his vision of the poet as a 'scientist of the whole . . . to whom all data whatsoever are of use.'"

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