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My Annihilation: Fuminori Nakamura Screening at The Japan Foundation, Toronto

May 28 – May 29
My Annihilation Fuminori Nakamura

Ahead of MOTIVE Crime & Mystery Festival, presented by Kobo Plus, The Japan Foundation, Toronto will be screening the interview with acclaimed Japanese crime novelist Fuminori Nakamura as part of their Doors Open 2022 activities.

The Japan Foundation, Toronto will be open from 10:30am to 4:30pm on May 28 & 29 for a special weekend of Japanese art, library games, animated films, prizes and fun for the whole family.

The interview will be played on a loop throughout the weekend. Be sure to register below.

About the interview:

What motivates a killer? Is everyone capable of a crime as heinous as murder? Award-winning Japanese author Fuminori Nakamura’s latest book, My Annihilation (translated by Sam Bett), gets to the crux of these queries in a deeply revealing and disturbingly honest examination of the psychological motives of a killer. Nakamura’s creative, puzzling narrative style makes it nearly impossible to discern what is truth and what is fabrication, until the very end. Trust no one when reading – not even yourself. Join a master of literary noir in this fascinating look into the darkest corners of human consciousness. This virtual event will be presented in Japanese with English captions. Mimi Okabe will be interviewing Fuminori Nakamura.

Register for the screening here!

Fuminori Nakamura's headshot

Fuminori Nakamura was born in 1977 and graduated from Fukushima University in 2000. He has won numerous prizes for his writing, including Japan’s prestigious Ōe Prize; the David L. Goodis Award for Noir Fiction; and the Akutagawa Prize. The Thief, his first novel to be translated into English, was a finalist for the Los Angeles Times Book Prize. His other novels include Cult X, The Gun, The Kingdom, Evil and the Mask, The Boy in the Earth and Last Winter, We Parted.

Mimi Okabe's headshot

Mimi Okabe holds a Ph.D. in Comparative Literature from the University of Alberta where she has taught courses in the Japanese language, as well as translation, popular culture, sci-if, detective fiction and world literature. She is an award-winning instructor and is the co-founder of Japanese for Nikkei, an online teaching and learning platform for Nikkei learners of Japanese. Aside from her academic work, Mimi is a lover of mysteries and publishes works on transcultural adaptations of Sherlock Holmes. She was named the Master Bootmaker in 2021 for her significant contribution to The Bootmakers of Toronto and the Canadian Sherlockian movement. Please visit her website: mimiokabe.com to learn more.

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