Past IV Programme Fellows

The IV Programme welcomes a select group of international publishing leaders to Canada every year. Modelled on similar successful programmes in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Israel, Japan, New Zealand and the UK, the IV Programme connects influential foreign publishing professionals with Canadian authors, agents, editors and publishers, and even the broader reading public.

YEAR: 2023

The 16th edition of the IV Programme took place during the 2023 Toronto International Festival of Authors (September 25–29, 2023).

Marine Alata headshot

Marine Alata (HarperCollins France, France)

Lexy Cassola headshot

Lexy Cassola (Penguin Random House, New York)

Esther Hendriks headshot

Esther Hendriks (Singel Publishers, Netherlands)

Lauren Hook headshot

Lauren Hook (Feminist Press, New York)

Paivi Koivisto-Alanko headshot

Paivi Koivisto-Alanko (Tammi, Finland)

Martyna Kowalewska headshot

Martyna Kowalewska (Booklab Literary Agency, Poland)

Katrin Kroll headshot

Katrin Kroll (Rowohlt Verlag, Germany)

Sarah Pocklington headshot

Sarah Pocklington (London Literary Scouting, United Kingdom)

Distinguished Guests

Luke Brown headshot

Luke Brown (Serpent’s Tail, United Kingdom)

Lettice Franklin headshot

Lettice Franklin (Weidenfeld & Nicolson, United Kingdom)

Lisa Sharkey headshot

Lisa Sharkey (HarperCollins Publishers, New York)

Canadian Fellows

Bethany Gibson headshot

Bethany Gibson (Goose Lane Editions, New Brunswick)

Matthew Joudrey headshot

Matthew Joudrey (At Bay Press, Manitoba)

Karen McMullan headshot

Karen McMullin (Nimbus Publishing, Toronto)

Ivy Award Recipient

Alana Wilcox's headshot

Alana Wilcox, Editorial Director of Coach House Books (Toronto)

Keynote Speaker

Susan Swan's headshot

Susan Swan, author, journalist and professor, Order of Canada member and co-founder of the Carol Shields Prize For Fiction (Toronto)

YEAR: 2022

The 15th edition of the IV Programme took place during the 2022 Toronto International Festival of Authors (September 26–30, 2022).

Jennifer Croll headshot
Jennifer Croll (Greystone Books, Vancouver)
Sune de Souza Schmidt-Madsen headshot
Sune de Souza Schmidt-Madsen (Lingdhardt og Ringhof, Denmark)
 Carina Guiterman headshot
 Carina Guiterman (Simon & Schuster)
Diana Gvozden headshot
Diana Gvozden (Schönbach Literary Agency, Netherlands)
Tynan Kogane headshot
Tynan Kogane (New Directions Publishing, New York)
 Lisanne Mathijssen headshot
 Lisanne Mathijssen (HarperCollins Holland)
Dagfinn Moller headshot
Dagfinn Moller (Cappelen Damm, Norway)
Anne-Solange Noble headshot
Anne-Solange Noble (Gallimard, France)
Helen O’Hare headshot
Helen O’Hare (Mulholland Books/Little Brown & Company)
Julie Paludan-Müller headshot
Julie Paludan-Müller (Gads Forlag, Denmark)
 Geneviève Pigeon headshot
 Geneviève Pigeon (L’instant meme, Montreal)
Errol Sharpe headshot
Errol Sharpe (Fernwood, Halifax)
  • Kateri Akiwenzie-Damm (Kegedonce)
  • Jon Baker (Baker Literary Scouting)
  • Tanya Batson-Savage (Blue Banyan Books, Jamaica)
  • Patricia Campbell (Kegedonce)
  • Amy Hundley (Grove Atlantic)

YEAR: 2021

The 14th edition of the IV Programme took place during the 2021 Toronto International Festival of Authors (October 25–29, 2021). 

International Visitors:

Tanya Batson-Savage headshot
Tanya Batson-Savage, Publisher, Blue Banyan Books (Jamaica)
Håkan Bravinger headshot
Håkan Bravinger, Literary Director, Norstedts (Sweden)
Kit Caless headshot
Kit Caless, Co-Founder, Influx Press (UK)
Sune de Souza Schmidt-Madsen headshot
Sune de Souza Schmidt-Madsen, Publishing Director, Danish Fiction, Lindhardt og Ringhof (Denmark)
Carina Guiterman headshot
Carina Guiterman, Senior Editor, Simon & Schuster (US)
Diana Gvozden headshot
Diana Gvozden, Senior Literary Agent, Marianne Schonbach Literary Agency (The Netherlands)
Amy Hundley
Amy Hundley, VP, Executive Editor & Subsidiary Rights Director, Grove Atlantic (US)
Tynan Kogane headshot
Tynan Kogane, Senior Editor, New Directions Publishing (US)
Dagfinn Møller headshot
Dagfinn Møller, Editor in Chief, Cappelen Damm (Norway)
Helen O’Hare headshot
Helen O’Hare, Editor, Mulholland Books, Hachette Book Group (US)
Amber Oliver
Amber Oliver, Editor, Tiny Reparations, Penguin Random House (US)
  • Parisa Ebrahimi, Senior Editor, Hogarth, PRH (US)
  • Julie Paludan-Müller, Editorial Director, Gads Forlag (Denmark)
  • Geneviève Pigeon, President (L’instant même, Quebec, Canada)

Canadian Editorial Fellow

Laura Cameron headshot
Laura Cameron, Literary Agent, Transatlantic Agency (Canada)

Keynote Speaker

Eliza Reid headshot
First Lady of Iceland Eliza Reid

YEAR: 2020

The 13th edition of the IV Programme took place during the 2020 Toronto International Festival of Authors (October 22–November 1, 2020). 

Ana María Bermúdez
Ana María Bermúdez, Editora, Penguin Random House Grupo Editorial (Mexico)
Giorgia di Tolle headshot
Giorgia di Tolle, Junior Editor, Casa Editrice Nord (Italy)
Johannes Holmqvist headshot
Johannes Holmqvist, Managing Director and Acquiring Editor, Tranan Publishing House (Sweden)
Allison Malecha headshot
Allison Malecha, Senior Scout, Bettina Schrewe Literary Scouting (USA)
Stephanie Sinclair headshot
Stephanie Sinclair, Literary Agent, CookeMcDermid (Canada, Indigenous)
Emily Wunderlich headshot
Emily Wunderlich, Editor, Viking (USA)
Lizbeth Zavala Mondragón headshot
Lizbeth Zavala Mondragón, Publishing
Coordinator, Herder Mexico (Mexico)
  • Louisa Joyner, publishing director, Faber UK
  • Eloise Millar, co-founder, Galley Beggar Press (U.K.)
  • Florence Bisch, international and domestic rights director, Groupe Homme (French Canadian)

2020 Distinguished Guest

Madeleine Milburn headshot
Madeleine Milburn, Director and Literary Agent, Madeleine Milburn Literary Agency (UK)

Canadian Editorial Fellowship

Jennifer Croll headshot
Jennifer Croll, Editorial Director, Greystone Books

Keynote Speaker

Lennie Goodings headshot
Lennie-Goodings, Chair at Virago Press (Charlie Hopkinson)

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