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Muriel Villanueva (Valencia, 1976) is a writer, author of more than thirty literary works for all ages, including novels, storybooks, poems and scripts. Some titles include La Gatera, El Refugi del Tarek and the L’Esfera trilogy. She has received more than a dozen awards. Muriel has a degree in Theory of Literature and Comparative Literature from the University of Barcelona, a diploma in Music Education from the University of Valencia, and has been trained in Family Constellations at Espai Sistèmic i Humanista. She has taken courses and taught at the Ateneu Barcelonès School of Writing. She currently publishes in the digital magazine Catorze, collaborates on her own and others’ theatre projects, and writes scripts for the independent film production company, Círculo Bipolar. She has been translated into Spanish, English, Portuguese, Polish, Korean and Chinese.

Muriel Villanueva’s Festival appearance is generously supported by Institut Ramon Lull.

From Basauri (Bizkaia) by birth and Arbizu (Navarre) by adoption, Jon Arretxe holds a doctorate in Basque Philology and a bachelor’s degree in Physical Education, and he has completed Piano and Vocal Studies at the Vitoria-Gasteiz and Bilbao conservatories. This successful multifaceted author has been a professional writer for a long time, yet he also offers talks about his travels and his books and he sings opera too, both in choirs and solo. His more than 30 books are made up mostly of travel accounts, children’s literature and detective fiction. In regard to this latter genre, he has to date published Xahmaran, Tangerko Ametsak and eight novels in the saga about the private investigator Toure.

Jon Arretxe’s Festival appearance is generously supported by Etxepare Basque Institute.

Javier Cercas was born in Spain in 1962. He is a novelist and columnist, and he has received numerous international awards. His books include Soldiers of Salamis (which has sold more than a million copies worldwide), The Anatomy of a Moment, The Tenant and The Motive, The Speed of Light and The Impostor. His latest novel, Even the Darkest Night: A Terra Alta Novel is available in mid-June 2022. His books have been translated into more than 30 languages. He lives in Spain.