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Aalyia Sadruddin is an Assistant Professor of Cultural and Medical Anthropology at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Her research and teaching interests focus on the critical study of health, demographic transitions and everyday practices of care in postconflict societies. Over the last decade, she has conducted ethnographic research on aging and late-care practices in Rwanda. Her academic writing has been published in Anthropology Now, Medical Anthropology and Social Science & Medicine.

Yours Truly KK (Kimathi Kaumbutho) is a performance poet, author, speaker and inspirer. 

As a young boy, he felt a little different from people around himHe had dreams that were naïve and delusionaland he says that not because they were unattainablebut because people around him made him believe that they were. 

Today, he finds much of his work comes from a need to inspire and enlighten the different little boy he once was. Trying to make him feel like his dreams are attainable, and that he doesnt need to look down on himself because of where hes grown up and the grandiosity of his dreams. He does this not only through art, but in everything he does.