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Tara Cremin is the Director of Kobo Writing Life (KWL), Kobo’s independent publishing platform. She leads a team of book lovers who are actively involved in the indie publishing community and always looking for ways to help authors reach a new audience of readers. Tara hosts monthly live events for KWL with author and industry experts and you can sometimes hear her as a guest host on the Kobo Writing Life Podcast.

Liam Galway is an artist hailing from Comox, B.C. Liam’s passion for poetry began at a young age and has since immersed himself in Toronto’s spoken words scene. Liam was Toronto’s representative at the Canadian Spoken Word Championships and ranked among the top ten youth poets in Canada in the Voices of Today festival. Using his unique background of dance and acting, Liam brings a stylized performance style that has resonated with audiences across Canada. Liam is so excited to be a part of TIFA and looks forward to performing in person soon.