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Pieter Waterdrinker (born 1961, Haarlem) is one of the most successful novelists in contemporary Dutch literature, praised for his compelling voice. He studied Russian at the University of Amsterdam, has been based in Russia since the late 1980s, and was a long-time correspondent at the leading Dutch daily De Telegraaf. His literary work has often been translated and longlisted for awards, and his last novel The Rat of Amsterdam is a critically acclaimed bestseller. He lives between Saint-Petersburg and the South of France.

Pieter Waterdrinker’s Festival appearance is generously supported by New Dutch Writing.

Tica Morgan is the pseudonym of Tica Peeman (1970). She lives in a coastal town in The Netherlands, Europe, with her two boys. She started her career as a police-investigator, but later opted for entrepreneurship. She is the director of a training agency specialized in team processes and leadership, and has written several management books on these topics. The Zoë Janssen series are her fiction debut and already sold over 65000 copies of sub, ebook, audio and paperback all together in The Netherlands.

Christine Otten (1961), writer, performer and theatre maker, is driven by a commitment to social issues; her novels are always inspired by real people or actual events. The Last Poets, her much-deserved literary breakthrough, was nominated for the Libris Literature Prize, has been adapted for the stage and was translated into English. The multifaceted Otten regularly performs at literary festivals and in theatres, is the co-founder and presenter of a literary variety show, and creator of the theatre-project Prison Monologues. She teaches creative writing to prisoners. One of Us is her latest novel.