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Rosena Fung grew up and is based in Toronto, Canada. Her first graphic novel Living With Viola is published by Annick Press. Her editorial clients include The Globe and Mail, The Boston Globe, Chronicle Review of Higher Education, CBC Arts, PLANSPONSOR, Maisonneuve, Bust Magazine, and Tridel Corporation. Her works have been featured on CBC Docs and CBC Arts. When she is not drawing, Rosena can be found teaching illustration, vending at zine fairs, and going to the library. Her favourite activities are reading, eating snacks, cats, and learning to play the guitar.

Xue Yiwei received his BSc in Computer, his MA in Literature, and his PhD in Linguistics. He is an acclaimed author of twenty books in Chinese, including six novels, six collections of short stories, six collections of essays. King Lear and Nineteen Seventy-Nine, his latest novel, was published in 2020. His works have been translated into English, French, German, Italian, Swedish and Mongolia, among them Dr. Bethune’s Children (a novel) and Shenzheners (a collection of short stories) have met with international recognition. He currently lives in Montreal, Canada.

Starkie Mak is an artist and writer deeply in love with expressive drawing and painting. Her paintings have been exhibited across Europe and Asia. She illustrated for children’s magazine Cotton Tree and is an art teacher educating children. The classic novel The Secret Garden sparked her interest in literature. Literature and illustration are indispensable parts of her life. She studied creative writing at the University of Oxford. She moved to Toronto from Hong Kong in 2018.

Tiffanie Ing is the creator of Mostly YA Lit, a Canadian book blog that blends strong literary analysis with fangirling to create fun, honest and thoughtful content. A communications specialist in the public sector, Tiff holds an M.A. in English from Queen’s University, where she studied the history of Canadian children’s publishing and language in young adult novels. While Mostly YA Lit has (mostly) moved to Twitter, Instagram and Goodreads, Tiff still loves to talk about and promote the board and children’s books she reads with her toddler, and new and exciting YA and romance books.

Andrea Woo is an award-winning journalist with the Globe and Mail. Her work focuses primarily on substance use, mental health, drug policy, Canada’s overdose crisis and COVID-19. 

Qin Leng is a designer and illustrator of books for young people, including Over the Shop by JonArno Lawson. She has received numerous awards for her animated short films and artwork. Qin Leng lives in Toronto with her family.