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Festival 2022 Reading List

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1000 Coils of Fear

By Olivia Wenzel

A Beginners Guide to Bear Spotting

By Michelle Robinson

A Day For Sandcastles

By JonArno Lawson and Qin Leng

A Fierce Green Place

By Pamela Mordecai

A Hero of Our Time

By Naben Ruthnum

A Knife in the Sky

By Marie-Célie Agnant

A Season in the Life of Emmanuel

A Song of Comfortable Chairs

By Alexander McCall Smith

A Time of Questions

By Devakanthan

A Traveler’s Guide to the Stars

By Les Johnson

Answers in the Pages

By David Levithan

Are the Rivers in Your Poems Real

As Far As You Know

By A.F. Moritz

As Glenn Can Be

By Nancy Vo

As the Women Lay Dreaming

By Donald S. Murray

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