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Critical Conversation: True Crime Histories

June 03 at 6:30pm

TIFA’s most provocative conversation series returns, exploring thrilling new themes for MOTIVE audiences. Each day of the Festival, authors and experts examine the culture and politics that shape the world around us and the books we read.

As the true crime phenomena becomes continually more prevalent, it offers the opportunity of reinterpreting historical narratives and giving voice to previously marginalized, misrepresented voices. Canadian authors Susan Goldenberg, Sharon Anne Cook and Margaret Carson explore class, gender representation and how prejudice leads to miscarriages of justice in this fascinating critical conversation, moderated by author and podcaster Catherine Fogarty.

Goldenberg’s book Deadly Triangle focusses on the 1935 trial of Alma Rattenbury and her chauffeur George Percy Stoner for the murder of Alma’s husband – a trial which became one of the 20th century’s most sensational cases, sparking widespread debate over sexual mores and social strata distinctions. Cook and Carson co-authored The Castledon Massacre, which painstakingly traces the causes of a 1963 massacre by a former United Church minister who murdered four women and two unborn babies in his own family. Carson, the eldest of two children who survived the Castleton massacre, contributes to the book’s extensive oral history. Situated in literature on domestic abuse and mass murders, the book questions what led to this act of femicide, and why the victims were forgotten.

During the event, Adrian Hayles will be documenting the conversation with a set of loose, court-room style portraits of speakers.

Moderator: Catherine Fogarty

Event Info:
Date & Time: June 3 at 6:30pm ET
Where: Brigantine Patio at Harbourfront Centre
Duration: 45 minutes
Available with a MOTIVE Day or Weekend Pass

Please note, there was a change of venue for this event. It will now take place on the Brigantine Patio at Harbourfront Centre.

This event is presented in partnership with Provocations Festival.

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