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The Last Poets & Christine Otten

The Last Poets & Christine Otten

This event is no longer available for viewing.

Performing from Harlem, NY, meet The Last Poets: spoken word legends, musicians and the “godfathers of hip-hop.” 50 years since releasing their eponymously titled album, The Last Poets have been producing protest poetry and championing civil rights, from 1960s Harlem to their 2018 album Understand What Black Is. They are joined by Dutch novelist and playwright Christine Otten, author of the novel The Last Poets.

Please be advised that the following event contains language that could be deemed offensive and upsetting. A racially offensive term is used here in the context of referring to song titles by The Last Poets from the 1960s and 1970s.

The Last Poets & Christine Otten

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The Last Poets & Christine Otten


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