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Prisoners of the Castle: Ben Macintyre

October 02 at 7pm

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In his latest gripping narrative, Prisoners of the Castle, bestselling British author Ben Macintyre tells the true story of Colditz Castle – one of the most notorious prisons in military history. During World War II, the German army used the castle to imprison the most defiant Allied prisoners, who relentlessly tested its walls and guards with ingenious escape attempts. Join us for this captivating conversation about one of the greatest war stories ever told, live with the master storyteller whose expansive 2010 book Operation Mincemeat: The True Spy Story That Changed the Course of World War II is currently making waves in cinematic form (starring Colin Firth) on the international film festival circuit. Meet the heroes and traitors, and delve into the many class conflicts and secret alliances that took place.

Interviewed by Michelle Shephard.

Ticket Info:
Date & Time: October 2 at 7pm ET
Where: Fleck Dance Theatre
Duration: 60 minutes
Ticket prices: $24 – Regular; $12 – Youth; or Get a TIFA Pass
*This event will be followed by a book signing

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Ben Macintyre's Prisoners of the Castle book cover

Prisoners of the Castle


Prisoners of the Castle: Ben Macintyre

October 02 at 7pm


Photo Credit: Justine Stoddart

Ben Macintyre

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