Masterclass Marissa Stapley

Masterclass: Marissa Stapley on the Heart of Character Development

June 03 at 6pm

Learn how to craft compelling stories and bring captivating characters to life through hands-on lessons from acclaimed authors and industry experts. In this TIFA creative writing masterclass, bestselling author Marissa Stapley will show you how to bring vivid and moving characters to life. Stapley’s characters have hooked the hearts of many readers, including actress/producer Reese Witherspoon who made Stapley’s novel Lucky the first Canadian title to earn a spot on Reese’s official book club. Stapley is also the author of the bestselling books The Last Resort, Things to Do When It’s Raining and Mating for Life. Her journalism has appeared in newspapers and magazines across North America. Over 90 minutes, Stapley will share her creative process for developing multi-dimensional and nuanced characters that drive compelling stories. All writing levels welcome.

Ticket Info:
Date & Time: June 3 at 6pm ET
Where: Main Loft in Harbourfront Centre’s main building
Duration: 90 minutes
Ticket price: $53 per person

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Photo credit: Dahlia Katz.

Marissa Stapley

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