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Home Sweet Homelands: Ayad Akhtar & Shokoofeh Azar

October 22 at 9pm

This event is no longer available for viewing.

Join Australian-Irani author and Stella Prize finalist Shokoofeh Azar in conversation with American Pulitzer Prize-winning author Ayah Akhtar to discuss the unbreakable connections between family members and the homelands that bond them, as set forward in their latest books. Set in Iran shortly after the Islamic Revolution, Shokoofeh’s first English novel, The Enlightenment of the Greenpage Tree, tells the story of a family fleeing and the unshakable bonds with the dead they left behind. In Homeland Elegies, Akhtar accounts the story of an immigrant father and his son searching for belonging in post-Trump America.

Interviewer: Wendy O’Brien

English captioning is available for this video. Please click the ‘CC’ button in the video toolbar to turn it on.


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Home Sweet Homelands: Ayad Akhtar & Shokoofeh Azar

October 22 at 9pm


Ayad Akhtar by Vincent Tullo

Photo credit: Vincent Tullo

Ayad Akhtar

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