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Guelph Masterclasses

October 21 at 2:30pm

The Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing Program from the University of Guelph nurtures and supports many voices and wide imaginaries. Its distinguished faculty and many acclaimed graduates recognize the power of language to summon a different world. The Toronto International Festival of Authors is pleased to partner with the MFA Program for this year’s Festival to bring exclusive masterclass experiences presented by acclaimed authors to the students enrolled in the programme.

For more information about the MFA in Creative Writing at Guelph, visit UoGuelph.ca/Arts/CWMFA.


Guelph Masterclasses

October 21 at 2:30pm


Lauren Groff headshot

Photo credit: Eli Sinkus.

Lauren Groff

Andri Snaer Magnason headshot

Photo credit: Anton Smari.

Andri Snær Magnason

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