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Photo Credit: Jarkko Mikkonen.

Laura Lindstedt

Publisher: Liveright

Laura Lindstedt (1976) is a Finnish author. She is a significant reformer of literary fiction and much discussed critical darling. Her first novel Sakset (“Scissors”) was published in 2007 and nominated for the Finlandia Prize, the most prestigious book award for fiction in Finland. Lindstedt’s second novel, Oneiron – A Phantasy about the Seconds after Death (2015), earned her the coveted Finlandia Prize. Among other praises, Oneiron was a candidate for the Nordic Council Literature Prize 2017. The translation rights of her latest novel My Friend Natalia (2019) have already been sold in 11 territories.

Laura Lindstedt’s Festival appearance is generously supported by FILI – Finnish Literature Exchange

Laura Lindstedt appears as part of Nordic Bridges 2022.

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Laura Lindstedt's My Friend Natalia book cover
My Friend Natalia


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