Kurdo Baksi

Kurdo Baksi

Kurdo Baksi was born in 1965 in northern Kurdistan, and in 1980 came to settle in Sweden. In 1987 he first published the magazine Black and White, which dealt with integration and racial issues across Europe. He is the author of 10 books on human rights, racism, emigration and exile, and in 2000 he was awarded the International Olof Palme Peace Prize. Baksi was the closest friend of Stieg Larsson between 1992–2004. Kurdo Baksi is also a character in the third Millenium book with his real name and life. In January 2010, Baksi published Stieg Larsson, My Friend which was translated into multiple languages.

Kurdo Baksi’s Festival appearance is generously supported by Swedish Arts Council.

Kurdo Baksi is published by Penguin Random House

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Stieg Larsson, My Friend by Kurdo Baksi, 2010

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