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Errol Sharpe

Errol Sharpe

Publisher: Fernwood Publishing

Errol Sharpe is a publisher at Fernwood Publishing. He holds an MA in Atlantic Canada Studies from Saint Mary’s University. He is the author of A People’s History of Prince Edward Island (1976) and a co-author of In Pursuit of Justice: Just Us! Coffee Roasters Co-op and the Fair Trade Movement (2014), and Milton Acorn: The People’s Poet with Kent Martin (Fernwood Publishing, 2015). He has authored chapters in a number of books, including “Cloistering Criticism: or Breaking Bonds?” in 21ˢͭ Century Socialism: Reinventing the Project, Henry Ventmeyer, ed. (2011), and “A Precarious Niche: Canadian Owned English Language Publishing in Canada” in Studies in Political Economy, Vol. 100, #1 (2019).

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