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Elaine Kachala

Publisher: Orca Book Publishers

Elaine Kachala is a new voice in the Kidlit scene. Superpower? The Wearable-Tech Revolution is her first book. It will be part of Orca Think, a nonfiction series for middle-grade readers introducing them to issues making the headlines. Elaine’s also a health-policy researcher, writer and adviser. She has over 20 years of writing experience with government and health agencies. Elaine’s curious and hopeful but can’t help being a little worried about how wearables will impact our health, well-being, and equity. With degrees in psychology and sociology from the University of Toronto and a master of environmental studies from York University, she brings a unique perspective to the topic of wearable technology. Elaine lives with her family in Toronto. 

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Superpower? The Wearable-Tech Revolution


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